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The journey to create family is as unique as the lines of our hands. Fertility support can be as simple as pre-conception counseling on diet, lifestyle and natural fertility awareness, or as nuanced as making the decision to undergo IVF, to single parent, to receive an egg and/or sperm donation, or to adopt.

In today’s complex world of Assisted Reproductive Technology, fertility support creates a wholesome, nurturing environment wherein one may enhance conventional treatment as well as offset the stress and common side-effects of medical interventions.

An initial fertility intake of three hours duration allows a spacious atmosphere in which to individually consider the natural modalities that would best align with your individual history and situation. My approach includes Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Endobiogeny, homeopathy, flower essence therapy, nutrition, and natural fertility awareness, and can be artfully combined on a cycle-dependent schedule with conventional fertility treatments. Partners are invited to participate in pre-conception care.